Documents and media


8/11/17, Munn v. Hotchkiss School (SC 19525), ruling

1/20/15, Minnesota Office of Higher Education: Study Abroad Health and Safety Regulation, Report to the Legislature

10/21/14, Amicus Brief filed by 29 educational associations against the decision for the plaintiff in Cara Munn v. Hotchkiss School

2005, “Global Competence & National Needs”, final report from The Commission on the Abraham Lincoln Study Abroad Fellowship Program

10/4/2000, Congressional hearing regarding study abroad student safety

10/4/2000, John Amato’s testimony


May 2018, Campus Legal Advisor, “Take steps to reduce risk for study-abroad travel,” by Claudine McCarthy

12/18/17, Times Herald-Record, Newburgh parents push for safety boost after son dies during study-abroad program,” by Leonard Sparks

8/24/17, Inside Higher Ed, “Study abroad and a $41.5 million verdict,” by Elizabeth Redden

7/10/2017, Hindustan Times, “In pics: US mother traces son’s final journey,” by Rishabh Jain

7/7/2017, AP Wire, “When study abroad ends in death, US parents find few answers,” by Rishabh Jain

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April 2017, Campus Legal Advisor, “Reduce risk, liability by advocating for accurate, transparent study abroad data,” by Claudine McCarthy

10/4/16, New York Times, “Study-Abroad Programs Address a Risk: Road Fatalities,” by Tanya Mohn

8/28/16, Newsweek, “Heartbroken Mothers of Students Killed Abroad Want to Save Lives,” by Max Kutner

7/5/16, NBC/Wochit News

2/23/16, NBC Atlanta

1/16/16, New York Times, “Death of 3 Columbia Students Raises Fears Over Trips Abroad,” by Kate Taylor

9/4/15, Mid-Hudson News Network

9/3/15, Times Herald-Record

9/3/15, Time Warner Cable

10/23/14, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office, press release

3/21/14, Minnesota Public Radio